Finding the ways to say goodbye to someone close is never easy. A beautiful song can add a personal touch and bring closeness within the ceremony.

When we feel bereaved, music can be uplifting and can express how we feel more eloquently.

I can coordinate your music preferences for the service as I will be the contact with your church accompanist with whom I will arrange a rehearsal to ensure everything is perfect.

If a cremation is taking place I can also arrange to provide the music, particularly if you feel an accompanist is not needed.

There are no rules as to the type of music you can choose. Please feel free to discuss this with myself or the minister.


Can provide organist or pianist for the full service. The amount of songs can be discussed. I would recommend
1 Song as the family enter
1 Song as the family reflects
1 song as the family exits

All hymns can also be lead by myself throughout the service
I watch the sunrise
The old rugged cross
Do not be afraid
How great tho art
Abide with me
May the choirs of angels
Be not afraid
I the lord of sea and sky
Amazing Grace
The Lords Shepherd
Lord of all Hopefulness

Any other hymn choices can be added.
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